Mission and Objetives

FundAmazonia has the following objectives:

FundAmazonia's mission is research into issues related to conservation, ecology, use natural resources, sustainable development, protected areas, forest management, historic and cultural integrity, management of hunting and fishing, community-based conservation, training through undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, field courses, workshops and the environmental education of a wide audience in general.

1. Develop alternative economic activities in the Peruvian Amazon, whereby economic development is compatible  with the conservation of Amazonian wildlife.

2. Facilitate training in undergraduate programmes, field courses, workshops, environmental education, grants for research and training of a wide audience.

3. Promote and support research related to the conservation of wildlife and the environment.

4. Promote the sustainable development of the economy, taking into consideration Amazonian wildlife

5. Technical, legal and documentary and other support and collaboration with people, citizen and ogranizations of any form that are interested in the conservation of Amazonian wildlife as well as ecotourism actiivities and field research.

6. Disseminate scientific research to the parts of society where it is lacking.

7. Maintain the independence of the economic and political interests and ensure a compromise is met between the human population and the environment when carrying out related activities.

8. Create a platform for dialogue and participation for professionals working in areas related to the conservation and management of wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon.

9. Support of Amazonian communities for the conservation of ecosystems in protected areas.

10. Promote programmes to manage subsistence hunting in the Amazonian in a sustainable manner and avoid overexploitation during the natural decline in population cycles.

11. Support in the search for indicator mechanisms for ecosystem health as well as in forest management.

12. Support for communities to preserve historical and cultural integrity.

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